our way to get personal

In Euphoria we believe in the tradition of a culinary experience, which is so much more than just tasting. It involves people who care about the quality of food and the power of wellbeing that Cretan food brings. It consists of a human touch different than other cultures. It gets personal since “we are what we eat”. Lastly because of its rich variety, it easily respects all dietary needs. This is what fine cuisine means to us.

a taste of Crete

Euphoria Resort aims the ultimate satisfaction of the guests with the purity of its products and the minimum impact on the environment. Our way to guarantee for the high quality of our ingredients is simple. Buying local is a measure which reduces imports and transfers and empowers the local community and economy at the same time. Building sustainable menus with local and seasonal ingredients of the Cretan nature maximizes the guest’s experience of the local culture and minimizes our carbon footprint. It’s the tastiest contribution of our guests to our effort for a greater cause.

“eufood” is the new wellbeing

Well- being is the foundation in which Euphoria was built. From the purity of our products to the nutrition consulting, this hotel embraces the actual meaning of staying healthy during your holidays. How? At your arrival ask for our special 7-day menu designed by our nutritionist and look for the “eufood” sign at our restaurants and bars. You also have the possibility to ask for a customized menu depending on your needs and medical history. Because nothing is more personal that Euphoria!

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