Eu-plore the Municipality of Chania

Kolymvari is an ideal location for those who seek to experience, taste, feel and see more. From Kolymvari you have two main stations, Kasteli and Chania. From Kasteli, you can travel all over the west side of the island and explore Crete’s famous exotic beaches. From Chania, you can travel to the north part of the island with its green signature as well as to the south part of it, which scenery is wilder but still beautiful. Since we understand how challenging it can be, to move from one place to the other in a foreign country without guidance, we designed a unique traveler’s “map” for you, so that you can enjoy more and create the best summer story to tell!

– Ravdoucha

Ravdoucha is a quiet and unique beach. You will be amazed by the nature there, the lush cleaves and the pebbles which “dress” this beach.

– Balos & Gramvousa

Balos is a world class exotic beach which has nothing to be jealous of the beaches of the Caribbean. Shallow, warm and sandy with green-blue waters and a wild natural beauty. Taking the ship to Balos from Kasteli, it will stop to the island of Gramvousa, where you can see the fortress and a shipwreck. You can also swim there and sometimes enjoy the shadow of the big, lush trees.

– Falasarna

Falasarna, except of its historic town, has an 1km sand beach where you can swim, have fun doing water sports and play beach volley.

– Elafonisi & Kedrodasos (Cedar Forest)

Elafonisi is one more exotic beach of Crete with shallow waters and pink sand. A part of it is organized with umbrellas, lifeguard and showers but most of this beach is pure and ideal for anyone who wants to experience the feeling of a walking sea that seems to have no end! Only 1km away from Elafonisi is another beach called Kedrodasos beach which means a beach filled with cedars. A truly beautiful place and definitely one to go!

– Stavros beach

One of the northest beaches of Crete with an imposing mountain in front. It is next to the house of Zorbas and a great place for those who wish to relax and be inspired.

– Seitan Limania beach

Seitan Limania, which in Turkish means Cursed Ports, is a beach surrounded by cleaves and wild nature. Make sure to take your sport shoes with you because you will need them to get there!

– Visit Terra Creta

Terra Creta is a company which makes olive oil and it gives visitors the opportunity to observe the whole process. Specialists will show you around and answer your questions. The company aims to make the Kolymvari’s region Extra Virgin Olive Oil known worldwide and produce an exceptional product beyond the known quality standards.

– Karavitakis Winery

A local winery in Kolymvari with fine quality of wines, which also gives you the opportunity of wine tasting. A stop you should definitely make in order to taste Crete’s tradition!

– Manousakis Winery

Manousakis Winery has been producing its 100% organic wines under the brand name Nostos since 1997 and it has been holding five different tour options and tastings for travelers coming from all over the world. The serene, traditional village setting is a perfect backdrop to try these award-winning wines.

– Visit Biolea

Biolea is a family owned company specializing in the artisan production of organic olive oil using milestones and presses. Their olive mill is designed to accommodate local and foreign visitors year-round, so that everybody can visit and interact with the product.

– Olive Tree Museum of Vouves

In Vouves, only 6km away from Kolymvari, lives the oldest olive tree in the world. Take the chance and visit this monumental tree on your vacation and discover more in the museum.

– Venizelos Graves

This is the place where a historic figure of Greece and once Prime Minister, Eleftherios Venizelos was buried. Filled with trees and with one of the best panoramic views of the town, Venizelos Graves is a place to go. Local tip: Go to Koukouvagia café, right next to the graves and ask for Erasmia dessert.

– Archeological Museum

In the old town of Chania you will find the whole history of the town gathered in a museum. In the Archeological Museum you will find ceramics, lapidary, seal engraving, sculpturing, metalwork, golden jewelry and coins, in a chronological order.

– The War Museum

The War Museum is situated at the center of the city and is a proud collection of the objects used to the revolution of 1821 which led Greece to freedom from the 400 years of slavery from the Turks. The museum also shows the significant contribution of the Cretans to all the wars.

– Odigitria Monastery

A peaceful Monastery in Kolymvari with an amazing view and welcoming monks. A place of absolute tranquility that takes you deeper to your inner world.

– Chrisoskalitissa Monastery

A bit away from Elafonisi stands the Monastery of Chrisoskalitissa. It’s a female Orthodox Christian Monastery which looks like a fortress. It has 90 steps and the legend says that one of them is gold but the sinners can’t see it!

– The Mitropolis Cathedral

The Mitropolis Cathedral is located at the center of Chania and it attracts great number of people who want to pray, connect with God and also admire the wall designs and the icons.

– Gouverneto Monastery

Gouverneto Monastery or Our Lady of the Angels is an Orthodox Monastery and the road to the Monastery is a narrow road of an exceptional beauty. Many times the ceremonies are in Greek, English and Russian, making the Monastery an Orthodox “jewelry”.

– The town of Chania

Many say that Chania is one of the most mesmerizing cities in Greece because of its old harbor. You should take a walk at the picturesque and colorful alleys of the town and lose track of time at the harbor. Visit the historical lighthouse and taste Cretan traditional food anywhere in the town. Get in the Agora Market and find out some of the most amazing Cretan herbs. Lastly walk across the seaside of Koum Kapi and drink Greek coffee overlooking the sea.

– Theriso

Theriso is a fascinating village with a remarkable history. The mountain scenery and the old trees will reach your expectations for a memorable holiday.

– Paleochora

Paleochora is at the south part of the island and it’s famous for its great beaches which surround the village, the hospitable people and the amazing cocktails of “Agios”, a local bar.

– Vrises

Vrises is a village, about half an hour away from Chania, famous for its goat cheese and the river that flows through the center of the village.

– Samaria Gorge

At 16 kilometers, Samaria Gorge is one of the longest gorges in Europe and it’s located in Crete’s only national park. A hiking that you will have many stories to tell!

– Sougia

The small village of Sougia is a peaceful haven, with a long beach and plenty of excellent places to eat. It’s for visitors who wish for holidays away from mass-tourism.

– Chora Sfakion

A traditional village full of mountains, gorges, sea, sun, beaches and hospitable people. Great food and lots of raki – Cretan traditional drink – are the two signatures of Chora Sfakion.

– Explore around Kolymvari

Start your day by choosing any destination from the “local flavors”. Visit the Olive Tree Museum of Vouves and eat at the traditional village of Tavronitis Take a break at the beach of Ravdoucha and then continue your journey!

– Explore Chania and the Akrotiri Cape

Visit Chania and explore the beauty of the old town and the harbor. Take a look at the museums and the Mitropoli Cathedral. Taste traditional food at the local tavernas and take all the road to the lighthouse. Don’t be totally overwhelmed though until you move norther to the Akrotiri Cape. There, you can visit the Venizelos Graves, the Koukouvagia café with the best view of the town, the Gouverneto Monastery and you can choose to swim at Stavros beach or Seitan Limania beach.

– Explore the Main Land

Main land has a wild beauty which amazes every traveler. Theriso, Vrises and the Samaria Gorge wait you to explore them.

– Move to the West

West has one color and this is blue. Balos, Gramvousa, Falasarna, Elafonisi and the Cedar Forest are the most exotic beaches of the Mediterranean. You can also visit the Chrisoskalitissa Monastery for a unique experience.

– Move to the South

If South is where you are heading, Paleochora is one to go. Then comes Sougia and Chora Sfakion. These are destinations which deserve one day each to fully explore them.

– Nightlife

For an unforgettable nightlife, we couldn’t suggest anything less than Platanias and Agia Marina. Numerous nightclubs and cocktail bars lay there and wait for you to have fun until the first morning hours. Of course, we couldn’t miss the atmospheric bars of the town of Chania overlooking the Venetian harbor.



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