the philosophy of euliving

Highest good for the ancient Greeks, “Eu Zin” means bliss and good life. “Eu Zin” refers to the lifestyle that aims to improve the quality of human life in all areas and is indissolubly related to the source of wellbeing. This is exactly what Euliving means and is our way to achieve physical and mental health “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. Through improving our daily life, the ultimate Euliving is achieved.
Welcome to our eu-world!


Euliving’s journey starts with dining! In Euphoria Resort you will find:

  • Four restaurants with different culinary choices
  • Two bars with branded spirits and refreshing handmade cocktails
  • Local ingredients, raw material & traditional flavours
  • Cooking lessons with our executive chefs
  • Private dining on the beachfront
  • A dedicated area at the main restaurant for kids lunch & dinner always escorted from the kids club staff
  • Self-service juice & snack booths around the main pool


Euphoria Resort promotes wellbeing in every area and we implement euliving in our fitness philosophy.

  • Gym with Matrix equipment
  • A dedicated gym room with spinning bikes powered by Schwinn
  • A vast variety of indoor & outdoor activities
  • tennis – 5×5 football & beach volley courts
  • Outdoor cycling & Trekking
  • Pool & Beach activities
  • All indoor and outdoor activities are performed with our professional training staff & instructors

spa & wellness

Taking care of yourself and feeling relaxed and renewed is a part of euliving and a tested recipe for a happy life. In Euphoria Resort you can have your moments of self-care.

  • Treatments and therapies with the signature of Phytomer
  • Tranquil spa environment
  • Massage from our professionals
  • Free use of the indoor heated pool and sauna – steam room & ice fountain facilities
  • Professional external partner Fairy Nails for your hand & foot toilette


Family is a source of love, compassion and happiness. These are the basic elements of euliving, this is why we give our best self to your kids and their creative amusement. Euphoria Resort is a family Resort and our focus is to improve every day our services for your kids!

  • Worldwide kids Company certified kids club for all age groups
  • Activities and games with our trained staff
  • Specially designed water slides, fully guarded with professional staff for your peace of mind
  • Outdoor play area at the Kids club premises with state of the art equipment and kids’ pool
  • Day & Night kids indoor and outdoor activities and entertainment

human interaction

Another great element of euliving is the interaction with the people we meet and how we create bonds and a healthy environment with our colleagues, staff and guests. In Euphoria Resort we take care of each other in order to take care of you.

  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Smiley and positive approach
  • Meet The Managers Weekly cocktail by the Pool
  • A peaceful and respectful work environment
  • A loving, caring and professional kids approach


Having fun is also important. Especially when you are on holidays, having fun is a priority! In Euphoria Resort we know what you need.

  • Live music nights
  • Cretan BBQ at the seafront with Cretan music and dances
  • Weekly professional dancing shows
  • Outdoor culinary event and beach party

general environment

Our surroundings influence our inner health and wellbeing. In Euphoria Resort we are blessed to experience euliving through the Cretan land and promote it with our facilities.

  • Lush nature
  • Next to the sea
  • The view of the horizon
  • Modern and new facilities
  • Sophisticated & spacious rooms
  • High aesthetics

what we share

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is how much we shared with each other. How attached we became with each other and what you are going to hold forever in your hearts. In Euphoria Resort we share:

  • A summer story to tell
  • Experiences
  • Same Values
  • Family moments
  • The philosophy of wellbeing


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